Meeting Two Complicateds: Nilan

written by Nilan July 26, 2017

Hey everyone! I’m Nilan (pronounced Nye-lan), a city boy from the Midwest with a love for iced tea (sweet only) and eating cinnamon-coated cereal.

Nilan - Two Complicateds

First, if you haven’t tried Cinnamon Frosted Flakes or Cinnamon Pebbles, head over to Target, grab five boxes of each, then thank me later. My normal hours of operation are somewhere between early noon and 3:30AM, Monday thru Friday, 3 PM to 5 AM, Saturday & Sunday. I live my love for cats vicariously through Melissa. As far as I know, her cats are my cats. As far as my social life goes, two of my bestfriends are my bed and my couch. I couldn’t imagine my life without them but even the best of friends need time apart now and then. If you ask me to go out and I say yes, I’m probably lying. BUT, on the off chance I’m telling the truth – TURN UP, TURN UP!

Now that you know how I live my life, here’s a bit about Past Nilan:

Melissa, you know Santo Domingo is named after Saint Dominic, right? That’s why it’s the DOMINICAN Republic.


At 17, I left Ohio, headed to New York to study Engineering Psychology, and started my new life 500 miles away from anyone I knew and tolerated. After three years of new friends and a mildly enjoyable college experience, I told my university to run me my diploma or run me my refund check before Navient, formerly known as Sallie Mae, came knocking. When I graduated, I realized college had left me drained. After I finished my first stint in Product Management at a multi-billion dollar, multi-national company that will remain nameless, I realized the corporate life and middle-aged white men telling me what to do was not the life for me.

Luckily, during my second year of college, I decided to start my own freelancing business where I did photography, web design, and copywriting. As time went on, I went from general multimedia freelancing and I started focusing on UX and digital realm, which I’m transitioning to right now. Along the way, I established myself as a Staff Reporter for a black-interest publication, where I talked about politics, mental health, sexuality, social justice, business, and problematic pop culture. Just before my turning 21 for the fourth time, I decided I needed a change and moved cross country from New York to San Diego, CA in the span of just 3 weeks during Summer ‘17. Now that I’m here, I’m putting in work and making the changes I so desperately needed.

What you can expect

Hopefully you can learn from the mess I call my life and the things I’ve done to make it more complicated. We’ll be having some much needed conversations about mental wellness, our problematic faves, and navigating our everyday lives.

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