Two Complicateds on YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud?

written by Nilan August 7, 2017

Two Complicateds is Coming To YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud!

TwoComplicateds YouTube

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Starting this week, you can find Two Complicateds on YouTube, where Nilan & Melissa will be posting weekly videos with updates about our weekly struggles, topics we can’t get to on the Two Complicateds blog, and exclusive material you’ll only be able to find there. You can check us out on Youtube here, by clicking the YouTube icon in our Topbar, or by clicking the YouTube icon below, in our footer, along with our other social media links.

Two Complicateds on Spotify

What We’re Listing To:
Playlist on Spotify

Each week, you” get to see what Nilan & Melissa are listening with curated playlists based what’s getting us through the week and pushing us to the next. Keep an eye out for our first What We’re Listing To next week.

Two Complicateds on SoundCloud

What We’re Listing To:

Just like with Spotify, we’ll making curated playlist on Soundcloud where you can not only see what we’re listing to with newer and more adventurous artists, but also interact with us as we add more music into our collection. Follow us on SoundCloud today and let’s get started!

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