Welcome to Two Complicateds!

written by Nilan & Melissa July 25, 2017

Hi Everyone! We’re Melissa and Nilan, creators of Two Complicateds.

Two Complicateds isn’t quite ready for launch, but just a few more days and we’ll be all set. Before you get to know more about the both of us, we wanted to tell you a bit about Two Complicateds and what you can expect. So, here are a few answers to some questions we expect some of you will have.

  • What is Two Complicateds?
    • Two Complicateds is basically us documenting what we’ve learned from our MANY, MANY struggles in trying to live an adult life. Obviously, it’s a play on the both of us being “too complicated” when it comes to making sensible decisions. Life is already complicated enough without us making it worse for ourselves, but where’s the fun in going through life while having our shit together?
  • Who are you two?
    • We’re working on our “formal” introductions, but we’re friends of 6 years just going through the trials and tribulations of young adulthood. We’re pretty much two halves of the same person, one part introvert plus one part extrovert, who loves telenovelas, listening to NeNe Leakes speak 3 minutes saying “bullshit,” and pretending to be productive.
  • What will you guys be talking about?
    • Every week we’ll talk about four topics we think are the most complicated parts of young adulthood. While there will be a bit of crossover, you’ll mostly find Melissa talking about Sex & Relationships and Health & Fitness, while Nilan talks about everyday Mental & Emotional Wellness and Problematic Pop Culture. Every now and then, you’ll see some posts we’ve both worked on for topics that require a bit more work. You may also hear about some of the music, movies, shows, and brands we find absolutely crucial for everyday life.
  • Why should I care?
    • Well damn! You can’t just show your friendly neighborhood Dominicana and natural-haired Lightskint some love? But seriously, we really just want to help dissect some things we have gone through, are preparing to go through, or are currently going through. If you have it all figured out, great. We can’t relate. But if you’re struggling, like we are, sign up for our newsletter, read our blogs, and pray that we don’t make things worse. That’s what we’re doing.
  • Is there anywhere else we can find you?
    • Yes! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where you can talk to us and interact with us on a day to day basis. Make sure to follow and like to keep up to date on new posts, videos, and special events, like giveaways.

That’s all we have for now. Come back tomorrow for more formal introductions and make sure to visit on Thursday, July 27, at 12 PM Eastern Pacific when we’ll bring you the first official Two Complicateds post of 2017.


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