World Mental Health Day: Taking the First Step to Handle Depression

written by Melissa October 11, 2017

According to the World Health Organization, both anxiety and depression are the most common mental disorders. The latter affecting over 300 million people in the world.

Dealing with depression requires the action that will guide you to finding the light at the end of the tunnel. Taking steps when depressed can be hard since thinking about the things that can make you feel better seems impossible and far away from reality. But once you admit to yourself your condition and take the first step to get better, life will immediately improve.

Taking the following small steps followed by another step will get the ball rolling for a recovery.

Surround yourself with positive and happy people

When you are depressed it is natural to keep away from people and isolate from others, but you need to fight that loneliness and surround yourself with your love ones and allow them the opportunity to support you in your recovery. You should not only make time to be around people, but you should make sure they are the right kind of people that live happy lives and want to spread that happiness.

Another option to consider is to care for a pet that can give you both joy and companionship.

Practice an Active Activity

Exercising is one of the most powerful ways to fight depression. According to research, exercising regularly can be as effective as medication for relieving depression symptoms. Staying active also prevents falling back to depression once you are well.

Starting small is the best way to approach exercising. Try going for a walk or a light jog for 10 minutes, then slowly increase that time to 30 minutes a day.

Fill Yourself with Healthy Foods

Eating junk food isn’t only extremely unhealthy, but it also affects your mood in a negative way. A way to boost your mood with food is to eat foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, mackerel, anchovies and tuna.

In addition, avoid skipping meals and minimize the amount of sugar and refined carbs your body intakes. These foods can quickly crash your energy and mood.

Do Things That Make You Feel Good

Practice activities that relax you and provide you with some feel-good energy. These activities may include setting yourself with a healthy and active lifestyle, managing stress, and doing activities you enjoy to do.

Finding a creative outlet is a really good way to cope with depression, those being: watercoloring, doodling, coloring, acting, etc. Another good source is being outdoors and enjoying nature.

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